3 Reasons Your Brand Message is As Important As Your Visuals

Brands are complex - we often see branding as one-dimensional, but it's so much more than that. There's the visual component that we all tend to focus on more than anything, understandably so because we all want our business to look good. But, there's far more to effective branding then just looking good.


Brand Messaging Helps You Stand Out

By focusing solely on the visual representation of our business, we leave out a key component of connecting with our audience on an emotional level. Your brand messaging is one of the ways you stand out from the crowd in your industry and touch the heart of your audience.

Your brand message tells us what you do, who you do it for, what you stand for, and why your audience should even care. It also encompasses your brand tone/voice, USP, and promise.

Lots of businesses have the same or very similar logos, similar colors, and even typography. But you won't find brands with the exact same voice, core values, mission, story, etc. hence the reason you need clarity around these areas. When you really know WHO you are, you're excited to share it with your audience and clients.

Often, people will connect more with WHY you do what you do and your values more than they will your product or service. When they connect to the YOU behind your business they'll be glad to join your tribe. But, if you don't showcase the YOU or don't clarify the elements behind your brand, you'll be missing the necessary emotional connection people need to trust you.


Consistency isn't simply showing up online everyday, posting, helping others, etc. Those aspects are important because to you we need to know who you are. But, you also want to remain consistent in your brand voice and messaging.

Building trust with your audience is no different from building your other relationships. The more consistent you are all around, the more your audience trusts you. The more trust built within the relationship, the stronger the relationship and the easier it is to get the other party to invest.

With consistent messaging, your audience is always learning about what's in it for them. Hate to break it to you but it's the real reason we follow you on the 'gram. We need something from you. There's something about your business/brand that will benefit our health, finances, relationships, bottom line, etc. So we often need you to remind us of what that is. How do you make our lives better? Why should I follow you and not someone else? Why should I save my Black Friday shopping money and invest in your services? How do you make my life better? Solid brand messaging consistently answers these questions and more.

People Don't Buy From Businesses

Messaging is key in your business because people don't like buying from businesses, they like buying from people. A super solid brand message helps us feel like we know you, and if we know you, we're more likely to trust what you do and who you say you are. This is why us seeing your kids screaming behind you while you teach a webinar works, why showing #reallife pictures of your messy workspace and home works too.

No one is perfect and the moment you begin to "seem" perfect in our eyes, the more detached we are from you and the less we want to do with your business. None of us can relate to perfection. We can relate to imperfect progress - so give us some of the real YOU behind the business and brand... mmkay?

All of these components are part of the message you're sending your audience. Take the time today, to begin working on your brand message. Who are you? Why should we care? Then take all of that information and share it with the world.

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