3 Keys to Building a Successful Business

Consistency is Key

I know you’ve heard this one before, but it bears repeating. Showing up consistently builds trust. All of us buy services and products from people we like and trust. If they never get to know you and what your business is about, you rob them of the opportunity to get to know you.

Yes, I said rob. Why? Because you’re an amazing gal and your story, service, or product has the ability to not only change someone’s life, but impact the world around you. You have experiences that we don’t. You’ve had bumps and bruises in your life that we could never imagine enduring. You’re a fighter. A go-getter. A change maker.

Do you post once or twice a month on FB or IG? Do you interact with the groups you’re in monthly or even worse, not at all? Let’s step it up a notch or two and start getting involved!

To take this a step further, be consistent in what you communicate online and offline. Words you use, your core values, colors and designs, your attire at in-person events (yes, what you wear matters too) are all a part of your branding. Is your communication consistent? Is your branding lively and colorful, yet your FB interactions are full of complaining and doom?

These things take time to evolve and get into the swing of, don’t pressure yourself. Create a plan and work that plan one day at a time #grace.

Community is Key

As a new business owner, I knew that having a community would be great, but had no idea just how important it is. I learned quickly, being on the outside looking in at all the fun was no bueno.

I had no idea where to begin but I knew that trying to build a thriving business on my own would leave me both frustrated and lonely. Reaching out online didn’t help much – I heard crickets almost every time. So I decided to start attending local events.

This was the best thing I did for my business by far.

Not just for referrals and to meet potential clients… but I have genuine relationships with people that understand the hustle and grind of building a business.

Sometimes you need someone who just gets it.

They will let you cry but not allow you to throw that pity party at 8pm sharp and invite everyone to it.

They encourage you to keep going.

They share their experiences.

They love on you when you find it hard to love yourself.

Find your community. Find your tribe. You’ll be glad you did.

Confidence is Key

Entrepreneurship will reveal all those ugly, terrible feelings you have about yourself.

Those mean things you say to yourself that you won’t allow anyone else to say to you?

Those voices are going to show up and be LOUDER than ever before.

So let me ask you now, what is your confidence in?

If it’s in your social media likes, follows, the friends you have or even your business’ success … the way you feel about yourself will be dependent on how well those things are going.

Social media is fickle. People are too, sometimes. Success in business is often up and down. Beloved (in my Iyanla Vanzant voice), let your confidence come from within. Not from external circumstances.

Let it be built on the solid rock of who Jesus is in you.

You have gifts, talents, and abilities that are valuable and unique.

No one else can do you like YOU.

Be firm in what you like about yourself. Build on that. Encourage yourself.

Here’s to you,


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