This framework is your first step to mastering the art of the follow-up so you can increase sales from your existing client base!

As my gift to you, I want to offer you access to my exclusive arsenal of fool-proof follow-ups that have garnered me thousands in sales for just $47. (Access to these gold mines is normally $97!)

This template collection includes examples for clients who say:

  • Your product or service is too expensive

  • It’s not a good time for them

  • They’re not ready

  • They need to talk to their spouse or business partner

  • Yes, but then never signed a contract

  • Nothing at all - they ghosted you

I’ve discovered how to show clients there is never a wrong time to invest in themselves or their business, why now is the right time, or why they’re avoiding a contract - and how to explain why those excuses need to get put in the trash!  

I've got your bases covered. I put the work in to hone these examples and figure out what works to get the business so you don’t have to, and I can’t wait to share them with you.